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How to Use your Sweet-Stick




Using your Sweet-Stick is easy, safe and takes no special skills. To apply the proper edge between traditional sharpening follow these steps to insure a good edge every time.


Edge Enhancement


1. Hold the Sweet-Stick between your forefinger & thumb (thumb on top)


2. In your opposite hand, hold the skate upside down (blade facing up) with the toe of the skate facing away from your body

Next hold the Sweet-Stick on a slight angle, and place the "V" of the ceramic on the toe of the blade and "lightly drag" the Sweet-Stick down the length of the blade from toe to heel


That's it! one (maybe two) strokes on each skate should do it.


Remember, you don't need a lot of pressure on the Sweet-Stick, the ceramic does all the work. After a few tries you'll have it dialed in and know exactly how much pressure you need to get back that bite!