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 The Sweet-Stickô



Based on years of development and research, the Sweet-Stickô offers an easy and cost effective method to maintain your edges between skate sharpening. Typically a player loses between 15-25% of their edge efficiency for every hour on the ice. As you skate, your edges actually wear even though the hollow remains the same. Use of the Sweet-Stickô allows player to gain anywhere from 2-3 additional skates between skate sharpening without the feeling of dull skates. In addition, the Sweet-Stickô is a great way to make custom adjustments in your edges by applying the Sweet-Stickô to the entire length of the blade or in certain locations such as the heel or mid section. For more tips click here

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This is accomplished by two ceramic pieces placed in the handle. The ceramic pieces make minimal contact to the outside edges of your blades and roll the edges in slightly which maintains the same sharpness and BITE angle. This small amount can create unbelievable results for such a small tool. Also, the flat sides of the Sweet-Stickô is a great way to  remove burrs instead of using a stone.

More importantly, the Sweet-Stickô provides the player with the added benefit of having their skates sharpened with a flatter hollow, thereby providing more glide, speed with reduced muscle fatigue. Players that typically have their skates sharpened with a deep hollow find they have the same amount of edge control with more speed when used in this combination.

The Sweet-Stick saves you money by increasing the amount of time between sharpening!

Without the Sweet-Stick		
Cost per sharpening		$5.00 
Hours between sharpening	4
Number of sharpening		12
Total cost on sharpening	$60.00 
With the Sweet-Stick		
Cost per sharpening		$5.00 
Hours between sharpening	8
Number of sharpening		6
Total cost on sharpening	$30.00 
Total savings of:		$30.00 

For High-Level Players, Equipment Managers & Coaches, the Sweet-Stickô is great way to tweak those edges between periods or even shifts.

However, as great as the Sweet-Stickô is, it is not a replacement for skate sharpening. If your edges are worn out or banged up from play, the only fix is to have them sharpened.