The "Original Ceramic Skate Sharpener"

The Sweet-Stick

Tips-Tricks & Did you Know?

Tips - Players/Parents/Coaches

  • Light Pressure and a few strokes of the Sweet-Stick is more effective than heavy pressure and one stroke down the length of the blade, save your edges and the tool - remember, you can always do more, but can never do less
  • If you need a bit more grip on your heels, just run the Sweet-Stick down the bottom 1/2 or 2/3rd's of the blade
  • If you're a goalie and prefer a bit more bit in your insides edges, just angle the "V" a bit more to the outside of the blade to create contact in the inside of the blade and not the outside
  • The Sweet-Stick will break! Especially if dropped on a hard surface
  • Cut an old skate lace about 12" long, tie the ends together, loop it through the hole in the Sweet-Stick and place your hand through the lace while using the Sweet-Stick
  • Use an old skate lace to attach it to your bag
  • Attach the Sweet-Stick to the inside of your hockey pants for those situations when you need a quick fix 
  • Have a rolled inside edge? Use the round tip inside the hollow of your blade to work out the burr
  • Have a burr on the outside edge? Use any portion of the flatter areas of the Sweet-Stick to work out the burr
  • Questions? teamsweetstick@gmail.com

Fake Imitations - Imposters

  • Watch out for "Fake Imitations" referring to  the name Sweet-Stick and proclaiming the same level of effectiveness of the tool
  • False! These are products that are made overseas and don't use the specialized materials specifically developed for the use with skate blades
  • In addition, these products typically have larger handles where the ceramics tips are modeled into the plastic. This creates too much leverage and can ruin your edges. Last thing you want is to roll your edges just before jumping on the ice!


The Sweet-Stick includes a 30 day manufacturer's warranty. This DOES not include Sweet-Sticks that have been dropped. If for some reason a defect does occur please email teamsweetstick@gmail.com for information on exchanging your defective Sweet-Stick

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Don't accept "Fake Imitations"